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Tax Computation in the Philippines

1. The first step is you should answer the following questions below:
  • What is Your Status? (Single or Married?)
  • Do You Have Any Dependent? How Many?
  • How much is your Monthly Basic Pay(salary)?(This does not include your overtime pay/monetary value of your late/tardiness,holiday pay, but includes the monthly allowance that you received.)

2. How much is your SSS,Philhealth,and HDMF (Pag-Ibig) monthly contributions?

Before starting,it is very important first to have a calculator with you.
Simple Calculator

With your Monthly Basic Pay(Salary) you can immediately know your contributions.Just refer to this table below:

For SSS:

Suppose your monthly basic pay(salary) is P11,000.00 then by looking at the table above(under the column of Range of Compensation) just find the range of compensation that includes P11,000.00 and simply move your eyes horizontally and look for your corresponding SSS Contribution(under the main column Social Security and sub-column EE or Employee Contribution).So what did you see? P366.70 right?.

Now just try it on your own,suppose your monthly basic pay(salary)is P14,000.00 what is your SSS Contribution? Answer:P466.70

Since you already know how to look for your SSS Contribution it is time for you now to know how much is your employer's contribution counterpart.Again, find the Range of Compensation where you belong,move your eyes horizontally, and just look under the main column Social Security and sub-column ER or Employer Contribution.

Suppose you have a P11,000 monthly basic pay (salary) then the ER or Employer Contribution would be P777.30 and your total monthly contribution that debit in the SSS is P1,144 (P777.30 +P366.70).

If your monthly basic pay (salary) is P14,000, what is your employer contribution?your total contribution? Answer: ER= P989.30 ; TC= P1456.00

For Philhealth:


For instance you have a monthly basic pay (salary) of P11,000, then your Philhealth Monthly Contribution would be P137.50. How did I get this figure?It is simple,just look for the column under Monthly Salary Range and find for the interval where your salary belongs. After that, move your eyes horizontally(to the right) and find for the corresponding Philhealth Monthly Contribution under the Employee's Share Column.Got that???It is easy right?Now, take your try.

Example my gross basic pay (salary) is P14,000.00,how much is my Philhealth Monthly Contribution? Answer:P175.00

Aside from this it is also better and wise to know your employer's contribution counterpart .Again, going back to the Philhealth Table above just look for the column under Employer's Share that corresponds to your monthly gross income.If your monthly gross income is P11ooo.00 then your Employer's Share is P137.50 and the total amount that debit in your Philhealth Contribution is P275.00 (Employee's Share + Employer's Share).

For HDMF/Pag-Ibig Contribution:

Pag-Ibig Table


If your Monthly Basic Pay (Salary) is P11,000 then your HDMF Contribution is P11,000.00 X .02 = P220 and your Employer's Counterpart is P11,000.00 X .02 = P220 . This computation is so easy.After you know where your Gross Monthly Salary Range belong just multiply it by the MULTIPLIER that corresponds to your monthly basic pay (salary) .The total monthly contribution that debit in your HDMF Contribution is P440.00 monthly.

You can also demand to your Finance Officer or Human Resource Officer if you want to increase your HDMF Monthly Contribution.Why should you do that?These are the reasons:
  • If you want to avail a housing loan. (The bigger contribution you have the bigger the money later on that you can loan for your housing loan.
  • To reduced your monthly withholding tax. Even the difference is minimal still it is an advantage to your part.Why let the government get your money and can't even avail the priviledges.It is better to invest your money in HDMF than letting it see in the "trust" fund of our government.NOTE: If you increase your HDMF Contribution you will reduce the tax that the government get from you and at the same time you are investing it to have a better house that you will own someday.

Are you receiving other allowances like laundry allowance,transportation allowances ,rice allowances,etc.? If yes how much?

You need this later on when you compute your withholding tax because these are not taxable. Failure to note this may result to erroneous result of computation.


Taxable income is the portion of income that is the subject of taxation.

In the Philippines our taxable income is determined by this formula:

Taxable Income = [Gross (Basic)Monthly Income+ Overtime Pay+Holiday Pay+Night Differential] - (minus) [Tardiness Deduction+Allowances+SSS Contribution+Philhealth Contribution,HDMF Contribution]

Note: I did not include and subtract the amount of personal exemptions(exemptions due to your status like:Head of the Family,Single,Married etc.) since your corresponding personal exemptions can be see later on in the tax table and your personal exemption is included already in the formula for computing the tax.You will understand it clearly later on when I introduce the general formula of withholding tax computation.

5.Factors you need to consider when solving your withholding tax (Applicable for Old Tax Ruling).

Factors that increases your tax:
  • Overtime Pay
  • Holiday Pay
  • Night Differential

Factors that decreases your tax:
  • Late/Tardiness
  • Allowances
  • SSS Contribution
  • Philhealth Contribution
  • HDMF Contribution
  • Personal Exemptions (ex. single, head of the family, head of the family with qualified dependents,etc)

6.You must have a copy of BIR Tax Table

New Tax Table For January 2009

7. Knowing the General Formula of Withholding Tax ,Knowing the Parts and to Use the Tax Table, and Computing Your Withholding Tax

General Formula:

Withholding Tax = ( ([Taxable Income] - [Bracket or Exemption] ) x [%over] ) + [Bracket Tax or Base Tax]

Where as Taxable Income=[Gross (Basic)Monthly Income+ Overtime Pay+Holiday Pay+Night Differential] - (minus) [Tardiness Deduction+Allowances+SSS Contribution+Philhealth Contribution,HDMF Contribution]

Note: Before Solving For your Withholding Tax, find your Taxable Income first and simply substitute the value in Withholding Tax Formula.

Parts of Tax Table
  • Bracket or Exemption
  • %over
  • Bracket Tax or Base Tax


Assuming your tax is computed in a monthly basis and you already computed your TAXABLE INCOME (not your gross income) totaling to P8,558 and you are Single then:

Corresponding Bracket or Exemption:P6,667.00
Corresponding %over: 15% or.15

Corresponding Bracket Tax or Base Tax: P208.33

Question: Why did I use the amount P6,667.00 as the Bracket or Exemption for the taxable income of P8,558? Why not P5,000 with a %over of 10% or P4,167 with a %over of 5%?Do you know why?

Answer: Of course there is a way on finding your corresponding Bracket or Exemption and %over given your Taxable Income but I will not introduce it here since it is a long process that requires your arithmetic skills.I am just considerate for those who are poor in Math. Anyway, I will still share my precious trick that I am sure you will all understand it in an easy and direct way. I am 100% sure of this number trick since I already tested it a thousand times.It is better to understand it if I will show a series of examples. Here are they:

When finding for the corresponding Bracket or Exemption and %over just look:
  1. The row of your STATUS(ex. Single,Head of the Family,Married,and etc.)on the table.
  2. Then look for the greatest number that is less than to your Taxable Income(within the row of your STATUS).This is now your bracket or exemption.
  3. After you found it,move your eyes vertically upward (on the tax table)and look for your corresponding % over and Bracket Tax or Base Tax.
Example 1:


Assuming Withholding Tax Computed Monthly
Taxable Income: P8558.00

Status: Single(S)


Corresponding Bracket or Exemption:P6,667.00
Corresponding %over: 15% or.15

Corresponding Bracket Tax or Base Tax: P208.33

Computing Your Withholding Tax:

Withholding Tax = ( ([Taxable Income] - [Bracket or Exemption] ) x [%over] ) + [Bracket Tax or Base Tax]

Withholding Tax =[(P8558.00-P6,667.00) X .15] + P208.33
Withholding Tax

Example 2:


Assuming Withholding Tax Computed Monthly
Taxable Income: P12,540
Status: Single or Married with 1 Qualified Dependent (S1 or M1)


Corresponding Bracket or Exemption:P12,083.00
Corresponding %over: 20% or.20
Corresponding Bracket Tax or Base Tax: P708.33

Withholding Tax = ( ([Taxable Income] - [Bracket or Exemption] ) x [%over] ) + [Bracket Tax or Base Tax]

Withholding Tax =[(P12,540.00-P12,083.00) X .20] + P708.33
Withholding Tax = P799.73

Example 3:


Assuming Withholding Tax Computed Monthly
Gross or Basic Income: P11,000
Monthly Transportation Allowance:P500.00
Monthly Rice allowance:P500.00
Overtime: 4 hrs (regular day)
HDMF /Pag-Ibig Contribution: P300.00
Status: Married with 2 Qualified Dependents (M2)
Days of Duty:22 days (8hrs per day)

How much is your monthly withholding tax given the information above?


a.With your Gross or Basic Income totaling to P11,000.oo you can directly compute for your SSS and Philhealth Contribution. By looking on the SSS and Philhealth tables above your respective contributions are as follows:

SSS Contribution:P366.70
Philhealth Contribution:P137.50

b.Computing for the corresponding value of late/tardiness and overtime pay Given your gross monthly salary of P11,000.00 then the monetary value of your
late/tardiness is:

Total Number of Hours Worked: 22 X 8 = 176 hours

Rate Per Hour: P11,000.00 /(divided by) 176 = P62.5

The Monetary Value of Late/Tardiness: 62.5 X 2 = P125.00

Given your gross monthly salary of P11,000.00 then the monetary value of the
overtime is:

Note: The overtime pay per hour for regular day is 125% (1.25)of your hourly rate

Overtime Rate Per Hour: 62.5 X (1.25) = P78.125

Total Overtime Pay: P78.125 X 4hrs = P312.5

c.Solving For Taxable Income.(I skip this process in my two previous examples since the taxable income is already given but in this example the given is gross or basic salary instead of taxable income. General Formula:

Taxable Income=[Gross (Basic)Monthly Income+ Overtime Pay+Holiday
Pay+Night Differential] - (minus) [Tardiness Deduction+Allowances+SSS Contribution+Philhealth Contribution,HDMF Contribution]

Taxable Income=[ P11,000.00 + P312.5 ] - [ P125.00 + P500.00 + P500.00 +
P300.00 + P366.70 + P137.50]

Taxable Income= [11,312.5]-[1929.2]

Taxable Income= P 9383.3

d.Solving for the corresponding withholding tax.

Corresponding Bracket or Exemption:P9167.00
Corresponding %over: 10%
Corresponding Bracket Tax or Base Tax: P41.67

Withholding Tax = ( ([Taxable Income] - [Bracket or Exemption] ) x [%over] ) + [Bracket Tax or Base Tax]

Withholding Tax = ( ([P9383.3] - [P9167.00] ) x [.10] ) + [41.67]
Withholding Tax=P63.3

It is very easy right? By just simply following the 8 easy steps above you are now ready to check if your finance/payroll officer miscalculated your tax. Always remember you don't need to be an accountant nor a mathematically inclined person just to solve your withholding tax, all you need is simply following these eight easy steps.


  1. Thank you very much for this very informative post. I would just like to ask if meal and transportation allowances are taxable also if you don't submit receipts to your employers.

    Thank you very much and more power..

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  7. Hi there I found this post really helpful, but how do we compute for the tax witheld return?

    I was looking at my payslip and what our company does is tax the gross income before deducting the (SSS, Philhealth and Pagibig) is that suppose to be right? they are also taxing our transportation allowance. Where can I go to find out if they are doing the right thing or not. where can I have it reported if ever?

    1. nope it is clearly not right, you should let tehm see this page so that they may know the right way of taxing.

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  11. same process lang po ba pag every 15th day ang sweldo? Im computing my witholding tax in my pay slip and what i did is look up in the SSS and in Pag-ibig and divided it by 2 (for 15th day). Tama po ba na ganun ang gawin?

  12. Thanks for info.. Very helpful. Just want to ask if your salary is adjusted on the same year. For example Jan-June is Php 50,000 then come July-Dec same year its Php 60,000. How can you compute the tax? Thanks..

    1. ecompute the monthly withholding tax, your basis now for the base pay is the new salary and the deductions are the corresponding compulsory personal share based also on the new salary. when you get the monthly taxable income, pls.refer to the table for the tax due.

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  14. hello. thanks for this info. it's very helpful. i have 1 question about the tax computation of salary P30,000 above? and also do you have the tax table used for yearly computation ? i just need it for alphalist preparation.... i hope you can look into my request.. thank you so much....

    1. in alphalist preparation, it is wise and easy to use the annualized computation of tax due. Compute the annual taxable gross income minus annual non-taxable income - personal & additional exmption = taxable income. from here, pls. refer to the table below the annual tax due. Just divide it by 12 in order to get the monthly withholding tax. Just make an adjustments 2-3 months before the year end in case there is an increase the salary or in the deductions of an employee.

      Not over P10,000………………………………… 5%
      Over P10,000 but not over P30,000……… P500+10% of the excess over P10,000
      Over P30,000 but not over P70,000…… P2,500+15% of the excess over P30,000
      Over P70,000 but not over P140,000…… P8,500+20% of the excess over P70,000
      Over P140,000 but not over P250,000… P22,500+25% of the excess over P140,000
      Over P250,000 but not over P500,000… P50,000+30% of the excess over P250,000
      Over P500,000 ……………………………… P125,000+32% of the excess over P500,000

    2. Hi, per your answer and tax matrix

      Over P30,000 but not over P70,000…… P2,500+15% of the excess over P30,000

      I'm currently earning of 36,100php monthly but my tax is 3,082. I don't know if this is correct. per my computation;

      30,000 = 2,500php

      excess to 30,000 = 6,100 x 0.15 = 915.00php

      Total tax should be 3,415.00 monthly.

      Kindly correct me if i'm wrong


    3. fill up this data and you will get your monthly withholding tax:

  15. BIR RMC 27-2011 effective July 1, 2011

    Is hdmf contribution in excess of P100/month still tax deductible?

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  20. thanks po sa info... ask ko lang po, ung sss loans, pagibig loans po ba eh may tax din?

    1. hi...sss loans and pag-ibig loans and other loans are not considered/deducted in computing tax due only the compulsory sss and pag-ibig premiums.


  22. do i have to deduct my sss loan or pag-ibig loan to get the net taxable income? i.e
    Taxable Income=[Gross (Basic)Monthly Income+ Overtime Pay+Holiday Pay+Night Differential] - (minus) [Tardiness Deduction+Allowances+SSS Contribution+Philhealth Contribution,HDMF Contribution + LOAN PAYMENT]

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. hello po. loan payment po is not included to get the net taxable inome, only compulsory premium.

  23. Thank you for this but the images have been removed due to the bandwidth

  24. Hi, Admin, I think you need to update this:
    NOTE: If you increase your HDMF Contribution you will reduce the tax that the government get from you and at the same time you are investing it to have a better house that you will own someday.
    As per Revenue Memorandum Circular No. RMC 27-2011:
    “Therefore, contributions referred to in Section 32(B)(7)(f) of the NIRC of
    1997 cover only the mandatory/compulsory contributions of the concerned
    employees to SSS, GSIS, PHIC and HDMF. Thus, this Office holds that
    voluntary contributions to these institutions in excess of the amount considered
    compulsory are not excludible from the gross income of the taxpayer and hence,
    not exempt from Income Tax and Withholding Tax. Consequently, the
    exemption from withholding tax on compensation referred to in Section
    2.78.1(B)(12) of Revenue Regulations (RR) No. 2-98 shall apply only to
    mandatory/compulsory SSS, GSIS, Medicare and Pag-ibig contributions”.
    (emphasis supplied)

    In short, any excess contribution is taxable. As the saying goes.. There are two things in life that you cannot escape, death and tax.

  25. Thanks for the information! Now I know how to compute my tax, because our payroll department used to charge me from Php250.00-450.00 of tax every payday. Note: Every payday deduction of tax not monthly! There was also a time that I was deducted a worth of Php1,000+ tax in just half of the month. I only earn a basic of Php6,500 every 15days + 8-12hrs OT + 32.5hrs of Night Differential. I am married with 1 child. I am very confused why my taxes reached such huge like that. Me and my wife are very thankful that we have learned this from you. Keep up the good work!

  26. very comprehensive...I want my Pag-ibig contribution be changed from 100 to 350 pesos monthly and the counterpart has to comply. Why are you pissed off when we are so inquisitive? Do you know how to explain or you are just hiding something? Balik-baliktarin man ang tanong kung alam mo ang tamang sagot you don't have to be informative naman... Thank you Soc for the super great EFFORT!

  27. Magandang gabi! Salamat sa iyong hangarin na makatulong sa nakararami na hindi mawari paano natutumbok ang saktong halaga ng buwis na dapat kaltas sa sweldo nila. May katanungan ako: Ako ay nagbitiw sa trabaho ng buwan na ito. Ang sweldo ko ay 22,000. Nais ko malaman magkano ang ibabalik nila dahil sa taon na ito, mula Enero-Mayo lang ang serbisyo ko sa kanila. 22,000x5 buwan. Dalaga.
    Salamat ng marami sa iyong kagandahang loob.

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  30. Sir ask ko lang kasi ung employer ko ngayon is based ang deduction sa gross pay and not sa basic pay or monthly.. so ang nagyayari if mlaki ang overtime ko malaki din kaltas ko sa SSS, Philhealth at HDMF. sa tax eh sa gross nmn tlga nkbased.. please i need your immediate response thank u

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    Where do we apply the COLA? Is it added to the taxable income or subtracted?

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    1. Just want to ask bakit nyo po dineduct ung mga allowances sa taxable income?
      Ung sa pag-ibig contribution, hindi po ba 100 ung maximum? Ung excess po ang taxable?

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  47. 15000 my monthly salary net. I just fixed my 1905 and 2035 tax exemp for 4 kids ... how much now will be my witholding tax kase before 5900 a month

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  50. akala ko allowances is being added only after you deducted the tax,sss,philhealth,pag-ibig. Like this
    GROSS SALARY MINUS SSS MINUS PHILHEALTH MINUS PAG-IBIG MINUS TARDINESS IS EQUAL TO TAXABLE INCOME MINUS TAX IS EQUAL TO INCOME AFTER TAX tapos that is only the time you need to add the allowances? tama po ba ako? kailangan ba talagang directly ideduct yung allowance sa gross salary?

  51. Hi. Are deductions for SSS/HDMF Loan taxable? Thanks.

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